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Hold On To The Night (A Shelter Fanvid)

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Zach is a good guy who steps in and takes care of his young nephew, Cody, because his single parent sister is more interested in having a good time then taking care of her son. Zach's sister uses Zach through the whole movie, and he is more a parent to Cody than either of the boy's real parents. Because of his kind heart in taking care of his nephew, Zach has given up on his own dreams of going to art school and doesn't really live a happy life, never really being able to go out and have fun or do what he wants.

Zach's best friend's older brother, Shaun, returns after years of being gone. A successful writer, he sees Zach again, only now Zach is all grown up and not just his kid brother's best friend. Shaun develops feelings for Zach, and is accepting and good to Cody. Zach has a girlfriend and struggles with his own developing feelings for Shaun. In the end Zach's sister skips town leaving her son completely with Zach...and Shaun.

The lyrics tell the story, but basically both men were taken by surprise by the change in their relationship and had a hard time dealing with it. Especially Zach, who has a girlfriend.

This video starts from Shaun's POV and ends with Zach's. You can easily tell whose POV is being presented because my video is pronoun correct. When the lyric says "I" the character on the screen is the character' whose POV is being presented, when he refers to 'you' it'll show the one that character is referring to. Make sense? I'm kinda anal about proper video grammar LOL

Palabras Clave: shelter, gay, Brad Rowe, Trevor Wright

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